Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Have you tried SPANX?

I picked up a couple of pairs of the Higher Power panties while I was in the US just recently. Nordstroms carries them in their hosery department.

I've never worn these before but I've heard that all the celebrities wear them to "smooth" out. I just got the panty kind with the high waist (right up to the bottom of your bra), but there's several kinds including a full on body shaper with smoothing and butt lifting.

To be honest - I kind of forgot about them until this morning. But I decided to slip on a pair today when I threw on my clothes.

WOW!!! Let me tell you that these are FANTASTIC!!

Don't get me wrong these are not a "fat-melting" miracle - I still weigh the same. BUT my fluffly little bits are all smoothed out and my clothes look much better on me.

To prove the point I put on the same outfit I wore yesterday. Just some stretch capris and a tunic top. Yesterday you could tell my age by counting the rings around my middle - I've got a couple of small spare tires - and some jiggly bits in the back too! Today they're all smoothed out and TIGHT!

I had to do up the drawstring on my capris because they kept falling down and the pockets on them look much flatter.

Now those of you with TIGHT bodies might not understand what I mean (I won't hold that against you) but those of you like me - in our mid 40s, pre-menopausal, with some excess weight you can't "crunch" off - these are the BOMB!

In case your wondering - there is an "opening" in the crotch area for "whatever?". Maybe you weren't wondering but I thought I'd let you know because I was kind of surprised when I saw it! I've only had these on a couple of hours and haven't had to go to the bathroom yet and I'm thinking that's what it's for but I'm not sure how that would all work. OK TMI (too much info) I'll stop now!

Still , if you've never tried these before I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. I bought them for $34 USD and I've seen them here in BC for $50 CAD (at Beautymark in Vancouver).

Yes they are more $$ than the panty bin panties at Victoria Secret and La Senza but MUCH CHEAPER than lypo and you get quite the stretch workout trying to get these on...


  1. I have been SO tempted to try these babies..... I too have some jiggly bits that would look so much better if they were tucked in LOL!

  2. I believe that Addition Elle and Laura also sell them. If you've got more than just a few jiggly bits, it's a full-on workout just to get into them.....


  3. More SPANX news: If you are in Canada you cannot order them from SPANX directly. I was told that they were sold in the BAY but my Bay doesn't have them.
    It is quite the workout to get these on but once they're on you're good to go! I couldn't bring myself to pee through the opening and found peeling them off and then pulling them up in a washroom stall was a circus worthy contortionist performance.
    They are not HOT as the fabric of mine are like the panty part of control top panty hose.