Saturday, April 11, 2009

Layin' Rubber Ink Design Clique #20

YAY me! I'm 2 for 2!
This week we're using
Grand Bunny Bottoms by Rubbernecker
Here is Tara's card:

Here is my card:

Sorry about the photos - my husband is away and took my camera with him.
I'm using my daughter's camera and I'm not sure how to make it lighter.
It's hard to believe but there is a spot light and 2 OTT lights on this!

Now for the close ups!

This photo shows two different versions of tails for this image.
The top one is done with Liquid Applique and the bottom with White Fun Flock.

Liquid Applique tails - yes I left it overnight but it still came out "bubbly"Fun Flock tails - these feel very soft but they just don't stand out enough.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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