Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holiday Vignettes

Some people are so creative that their paper crafting spills out into their home decor. 

I don't mean leaving a mess in the dining room or using your coffee table to scrap! 

I'm talking about intentionally creating paper crafts that compliment your home for the current holiday or season and making little "scenes".

It's called a Holiday Vignette!

When the kids were little I used to decorate for the holidays a lot more than I do now.  Now I barely get the Christmas tree and lights up, throw up a few gravestones for Halloween, hide chocolate in my laundry room for Valentines Day - oh wait I do that last one all year round - but I don't do anything more than that these days.

By the time I think of it or get the inspiration it's too late!

So I thought it might be inspiring to check out what others are doing for each holiday or season in the way of paper craft decorating.  I'd like to do this for every holiday or season - but we'll see how it goes...

First up is SPING and Easter.
I saw this great "planter box" idea from Kathy Tolleson. 
I think it would look great on a dining table, on the fireplace mantle or even in a window - don't you think?

How about this bird house from Claudia Rosa.

This flower garland is a great way to use up scraps in your die cutting machine! 
This one is made of fabric by Kayte Terry but you can make it from paper too I'm sure!

Here's another garland or banner for Easter: 
If you click HERE you will go to the blog post by Jenny where she shows you how to make it.

How about a die cut door wreath?

I hope these ideas will help you get inspired to decorate for the seaosn using your paper craft supplies and get you on your way to making your own special holiday vignettes for your home!

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