Monday, April 18, 2011

TIP - Tool time with Marie!

I wanted to call this post - Pimp my Big Shot! 

But other than add a few rhinetsones and glitter letters with my name spelled out I haven't really "pimped" my Big Shot at all or at least enough for a post!

So this post is not about that but it is about altering it to make it work more effectively for me (and maybe you too?).

Today's tip is using a tool (screwdriver) on a crafting tool (Sizzix Big Shot - actually the MPP).

Do you find that your Tab 2 on the Multi-Purpose-Platform (aka MPP) gets in the way?

I hardly ever use it and so I'm always flipping it over and out of the way.

But now that I've finally cleared off my desk enough to give my Big Shot a permanent home - handy so I can use it more - that flapping tab gets in my way all the time!

So why not remove it?

Please note: I said flapping tab not flapping flab! If I had a tip for removing that I'd be a millionaire and my own best customer!

Using a small cross head screwdriver (aka Phillips) I took the Tab 2 off.

But wait there's more....

I didn't stop at Tab 2 I also removed Tab 1 and the hinge on the side. 

I'll keep the hinge and the tiny screws somewhere safe in case I want to add that all back on - see a future post on "How to put your MPP together after you've removed your tabs". Just kidding!

Now I can just add the tabs whenever I need them in a "sandwich".  I'll store the tabs I'm not using under my Big Shot so they don't accidentally get filed somewhere.

Until next time!

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