Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One more thing to love about my Crop-a-dile!

I like to keep a lot of my 3D items out on display for inspiration. Today I noticed that my Explosion Box Album lid was falling apart. Even though I cut the side flaps and used glue dots they would not stay stuck (I wonder if it has anything to do with Shelley constantly taking the thing apart to make her lids???).

Anyway today I was looking at it and it really bothered me so I decided to take a few minutes and fix it.

I used my Word Window punch from Stampin' Up! and punched 4 strips from the a scrap of the same Bazzills Red card stock that I used to make the base for the box.

Then I folded them in 1/2 and glued one on each of the corners. I used my hand 1/8 punch and punched holes in the ends. I could not use my Crop-a-dile for this because it would not reach. Lastly, I used my handy dandy Crop-a-dile to set 2 eyelets in each one and VOILA! it's fixed.

Now I couldn't do that with the silent eyelet setter or my hammer and punch! I really like the way it turned out so I'm going to change the way I make these in the future to encorporate the strips and eyelets.

1 comment:

  1. Great Idea!
    I Love my crop-a-dile...
    It is always nice to hear about
    one more thing that it can do.
    Thanks for sharing!