Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays - Ornament Making

Lately I've seen some great samples of homemade ornaments. I've been trying to keep up with them all and have made a few of them.

I'd like to share them with you but rather than write up & photograph the tutorials myself I'm going to direct you other bloggers who have already done that. No sense re-inventing the wheel and the bonus is you get to check out new and exciting blogs!

The first one up is the glass ornament. There are so many examples of this but my 2 favourites are using the acetate sheet inside with a stamped image and the ones with the rolled paper.

Safety first - be extra careful when working with these glass ball ornaments - they break very easily so handle with care!

Click HERE for the acetate sheet ornament tutorial. This tutorial is done by Pridestampers - Hollie Lisk - and it's quite good!

This is my version.

Another great project to make with these glass ornaments is a snow globe - click HERE to see the tutorial for making your own snow globe!

My second favourite glass ball ornament is the Rolled Paper Ornament. It's sooooo easy!

Click HERE for a rolled paper ornament example from Trudee Sauer. It's the second example shown.

The next kind of ornament I'm going to show you is the paper strip ornament. These come in 2 shapes the ball and the swirly shape and it all depends on how you thread your paper pieces!
Check these out!
Click HERE for a tutorial for a swirly one from Alison at Simply Stamped by an Angel.
Click HERE for a tutorial for a paper ball strip ornament from Kim at Life is not just Black and White.

The last kind I'll show you is the paper coaster ornament. So easy to do and so many variations - stamped, decorated with die cuts, or for photos.
Click HERE for a tutorial for a coaster ornament from An Altered Obsession.
HERE is another great example of the coaster ornament.

I'd like to finish off by sharing some other great ornament ideas:

Metallic Paper Strip Ornament

Lucky Wishing Stars

Circle Punch Ornaments

Scalloped Circle Punch Ornaments

Angel Tag Ornaments

Star Ornaments

Snowflake Ornaments

AWESOME Snowball Ornament from Sharon Johnson (you won't believe this one!)

I hope you've enjoyed this post about making ornaments!

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